#17233 Western Pacific “9464-198” Boxcar

The cars in my auctions were all purchased as part of a lot of over 500 cars from the estate of a man who planned on establishing a layout and collection for retirement. In looking through what I purchased, it appears this man, who died quite suddenly without fulfilling his dream, made purchases from over a dozen hobby shops, on-line dealers and other individuals and was simply putting these cars away for his future layout. It appears many of the cars were discounted (based upon various stickers on some of the boxes) but few were actually taken out of their respective boxes and displayed, placed on tracks, or run in a consist. This current group was opened for photos on 3-09-13. Though some boxes show shelf wear, none of the contents appears to have been touched. To my eye, the cars look to be new and in their original boxes and have any accompanying paper work and inserts unless otherwise noted. Still, I am listing them as Like New and not new or mint only because of the absoluteness of that grade and the fact I did open the box for inspection and photos. In obvious cases where I can discern “play wear” of any kind (typically minimal wheel wear), damage or packaging concerns I will note such for a given listing and post pictures showing those concerns. Again, grading these cars at C-8 is conservative on my part. Shipping will be ... read more