A compleat system of general geography : explaining the nature and properties of the earth ; ... Originally written in Latin by Bernhard Varenius, M.D. Since improved and illustrated by Sir Isaac Newton and Dr Jurin ; and now translated into English; ... By Mr. Dugdale. The whole revised and corrected by Peter Shaw, M.D. The third edition, with large additions. In two volumes. It's figure, magnitude, motions, situation, contents, and division into land and water, mountains, woods, desarts, lakes, rivers, &c. With particular accounts of the different appearances of the heavens in different countries; the seasons of the year all over the globe; the tides of the sea; bays, capes, islands, rocks, sand-banks, and shelves. The state of the atmosphere; the nature of exhalations; winds, storms, tornados, &c. The origin of springs, mineral-waters, burning mountains, mines, &c. The uses and making of maps, globes, and sea charts. The foundations of dialling; the art of measuring heights and distances; the art of ship-building, navigation, and ways of finding the longitude at sea.

Varenius, Bernhardus. London : Printed for Stephen Austen, 1736. Vol I, only.

Translation of Bernhardi Varenii Geographia Generalis. First printed in Latin in 1650, the text was corrected and edited by Isaac Newton for the 1672 edition. The

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