Beautiful 1736 8 Reales Pillar ROOSWIJK shipwreck 1739

This is one of the best coins you will see from this or any other wreck. This is a 1736 pillar Dollar and is 38mm diameter and weighs in a 26.4gms It is in superb condition with all features fine and sharp . It is a Mexico City mint solid silver 8 reales It comes complete with a fine detailed certificate of authenticity and in a presentation box .

ROOSWIJK- Dutch East Indiaman

Holland gets its sunken treasure back

The silver had been on a Dutch East India Co. ship that vanished in a storm in the English Channel in 1739.

Although wreckage was found at the time on Britain's south coast, nobody knew precisely where it had sunk. The disaster meant that the Dutch East India Co. lost around 250 crew and soldiers, and a large silver treasure, which was on the way to the East Indies to be converted into local coinage.

Despite the disappearance of the ship, the Rooswijk, the lost vessel and its treasure remained the property of the Dutch East India Co. When the company was taken over by the Dutch government in 1798, the Netherlands became the legal owners of the vanished bullion.

In 2005 a British sports diver, Cambridgeshire carpenter Ken Welling, found the wreckage. The Dutch Government was contacted, and the discovery was kept secret’, when Holland's Finance Minister, Joop Wijn, took possession
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