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Phytanthoza Iconographia

Johann Weinmann

Anemone hortensis flore coeruleo pleno

Recently, we were fortunate enough to secure a breaker copy of Johann Weinmann�s Phytanthoza Iconographia, 1737-1745. These are rare and beautiful prints represent one of the most outstanding and innovative achievements in botanical illustration. The engraver, J.J. Haid printed many of the illustrations utilizing a new mezzotint technique pioneered by the Englishman, Kirkall, to produce 1,025 hand colored engravings.

Johann Weinmann directed a famous pharmacy in Regensburg. The Phytanthoza Iconographia was his masterpiece, a huge work in eight folio volumes which provided one of the most comprehensive botanical references of the eighteenth century. Great Flower Books describes it as a "pioneering work of botanical prints� and it remains today one of the most ambitious works ever undertaken, displaying over 4,000 species. Particularly magnificent are the tulips, iris, exotic palms and pineapples, cactus, fruit & vegetables.

The artist for the much of the work was the gifted Georg Dionysius Ehret (1708-1770). Born of a humble family in Heidelberg, Ehret was taught to draw by his father at an early age. As a
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