Up for auction is a 1/2 leather bound book that is titled on the spine as
"Treaties of Great Britain". The longer title is "Extracts From the Several
Treaties Subsisting between Great Britain and Other Kingdoms and States,"
of such Articles and Clauses as relate to the Duty and Conduct of the
Commanders of the King of GREAT-BRITAIN'S Ships of WAR, together
with such Articles of Later Treaties, as Revive or Confirm any Former
Treaties, which bear any Relation to the same."
This book was printed in London in 1741, 1st Edition.
The book has a very nice modern binding, with Leather spine and leather corners,
and cloth boards and the addition of one new end paper to the front and back of the
book. The rest of the book is the original 1741 pages. Those pages are complete, with
old repairs to a few of the pages.
The book is 264 pages in length, 8 1/4" by 9 3/4" in size.
Table of contents:
Treaties with France that includes a section on the American treaty of 1686
Treaties with Spain
Treaties with the States-General
Treaties with Portugal
Treaties with Austrian Netherlands
Treaties with Sweden
Treaties with Denmark
Treaty with Savoy
Treaty with Turkey
Treaty with Morocco
Treaties with Algiers
Treaties with Tripoly
Treaties with Tunis
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