175 Assorted Collectors Vintage Tattoo Magazines Hi End Brands Savage Flash Etc.

What is seen here is a mega-bundle of 175 Vintage Tattoo Mags branded by Quality Brands including Savage, Flash, Skin And Ink, Crave and more. All mags go back to a vintage collectors date. Here is the quantity and/or dates of mags there are for each brand below:

Savage Brand: 12 count and since 1995 and up

Flash Brand: 30 count and since 1995 and up �

Skin & Ink Brand: 11 count and since 1995 and up

International Tattoo Brand: 22 count

Tattoo for Women, Man, Taboo, Misc. Brand: 33 count and 1993 and up

(1) Iron Horse Biker Magazine

Outlaw Biker Tattoo Mags: 6 Count

Pain Brand Mags: 19 Count

Wicked Jester: 10 count

Skin Art Brand: 5 count

Tattoo Industry Brand: 4 count

17 Grave Brand And 4 Prick Brand Mags: 21 count �

Super price and quality buy, thank you.