1775 news magazine w 1st Rev War MAP Battle BUNKER HILL

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SEE PHOTO----- COMPLETE ORIGINAL monthly news magazine, GENTLEMANS MAGAZINE (London, ENGLAND) dated Sept, 1775.

This issue contains a 1/2 page map / illustration of the "Redoubt and Entrenchment on the Heights of Charles Town, commonly called Bunker Hill, opposite Boston, attacked and carried by His Majesty's Troops, June 17, 1775." This is a 1/2 page engraving of the BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL , published within 90 days of the battle !!

T is lots more news on the American Revolutionary war , including a long text signed in type by JOHN HANCOCK from the US Congress rejecting the conciliation plan of British Minister Lord North. T is also a petition signed in type by JOHN HANCOCK titled: "Petition of the American Congress to the King." T is also an exchange of letters between and signed in type by GEORGE WASHINGTON and British General Thomas Gage.

As far as I am aware, this is the EARLIEST REPRESENTATION of the immediate area of the battle of Bunker Hill at the start of the American Revolutionary War !!

The Battle of Bunker Hill took place on June 17 , 1775 on Breed's Hill , as part of the Siege of Boston
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