1777 GOLD GUINEA in EF condition from HMS SPRIGHTLY shipwreck

This is just a beautiful condition GEORGE 111 GOLD GUINEA . There are minor scuffs as to be expected from a wreck coin but no porousity. It was recovered from the HMS SPRIGHTLY and comes complete with a certificate of authenticity.


Sprightly was a Royal Navy cutter of 12 guns , Commandingofficer , Lieutenant Hills This ship capsized off Guernsey on the Hanois Reef in 1777. She was discovered in 1973 by the famous wreck hunter Robert Stenuit who found scattered wreckage in shallow water at the foot of rock lying south east of the Hanois Lighthouse. The currents were fast and the seabed over a large area was found to be covered with iron bars which he presumed was ‘ ships ballast ‘.Patient excavation of these bars exposed cannon, shot and coins , plus personal effects.

She was one of 20 cutters in service with the navy in 1777. These small vessels were light , fast and often being over canvassed, prone to capsize !! They were used for scouting and despatch duties when in squadron and smuggling suppression when inshore.

She was built at the Royal Dockyard in Dover and was launched on 16 th August 1777

How sad that the ship perished along with her crew only 4 months later. She was chasing a smuggler under full sail in December of that year and was caught by a squall which shifted her ballast
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