1787 Stampless Patriot Bishop Robert Smith Charleston *

1787 Stampless Cover Charleston SC to Chestertown MD * Search

WOW is the word to describe this! Please read the entire description the content includes concern over small pox. A great piece of colonial American history!

I wish I could put more in the title this letter is a great piece of history. RARE 1787 Confederation period Stampless letter / cover from Revolutionary War Patriot Robert Smith Charleston South Carolina to the very wealthy family member John Galloway merchant Chestertown Kent County Eastern Shore of Maryland. Sent via Ship Philadelphia c/o Captain Jones . It has a nice bishop / Franklin mark CDS black circle stamp with 3 over SE 3rd of September, days before the United States Constitution was adopted!!!!! Manuscript cancel 2 dwt 16 gr rate based on Spanish silver. T is a notation about a mail bag being carried on a carriage as well. T is a little staining and a few small tears to be expected and visible in the scan. This letter does not have a straightline cancel but the markings and condition is wonderful for it age. I don't know that I have seen any letter from this period going to the Eastern Shore of MD.

Mr Smith was quite important part of US and South Carolina history. He was the first president of the college of Charleston, the first bishop of South Carolina and reverend
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