Please read my entire description before ordering from me:

Grading: I grade every item using the Anderson Standard Grading System, which I fully developed by 1997. It is designed to provide an accurate, standard grade and to safeguard you, the buyer. It was the first standard grading system in use, in fact many years before grading was employed by Scott catalogs or offered as an addition to PFC & PSE certs (Yes, I can document this claim). After a few years of repeatedly modifying their systems, the Scott catalogs, PFC & PSE are finally moving closer to my system. This is personally gratifying to me, since it vindicates the approach that I have used in grading stamps since 1997. However, please note that every certificate EVER issued by APS, PFC or PSE states that the identification and grading of stamps is a professional "opinion" only. The expert services can and do reverse themselves regularly (I have a file of reversed certs that prove this). Unlike coin grading companies, none of the stamp grading companies offer any monetary damages in the case of a reversal of opinion (except for the original fees charged). This means that grading is always a subjective opinion to some degree. For this reason, you can, and you should verify the quality of any item you purchase from me by a careful visual inspection once you
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