1796/5 $5 Capped Bust. Small eagle

1796/5 $5 Capped Bust. Small eagle. BD-1, B. 9-I, Miller-16, the only known dies. Rarity-4+. NGC graded MS-61. Well struck with wonderful clean and lustrous surfaces. Free from adjustment marks and other defects. A lovely Brilliant Uncirculated representative of this scarcer small eagle $5 gold piece, both sides exhibit award-winning yellow-gold color with faint traces of green-gold overtones discernible at certain angles. The strike is nicely centered on the planchet, and best of all, it is also sharply executed over virtually all elements of the design. Modest hints of semi-reflectivity flash from the fields as the coin rotates under a light, and they enhance already pleasing eye appeal. A definite find for the better-date type collector seeking a representative of this, the premier type in the U.S. half eagle series. Pop 2; 11 finer, 5 in 62, 2 in 63, 3 in 64, 1 in 65 (PCGS # 8067) . Historical note: There is only one known die marriage of the 1796 Half Eagle, and its obverse is an overdate that employs an unused 1795-dated die of the Close Date variety. Although federal records indicate that 6,196 Half Eagles were delivered in 1796, there is some question as to exactly which date these coins bore. Walter Breen (1988) opines that all were 1796/5, and he further asserts that an additional 623 coins delivered in 1797 were also struck ... read more