is a RARE 1796 AGREEMENT LETTER, NEW YORK , PLUS AN ORIGINAL DUPLICATE OF THE ORIGINAL. I DO NOT KNOW WHICH ONE IS THE ORIGINAL & WHICH ONE IS THE DUPLICATE, I'M NOT AN EXPERT. The 2 documents came to us in a sleeve with writing that my Grandfather had written up describing the deeds, this is what is written on the sleeve: " Agreement dated July 5th, 1796 between William Cockburn and William Houtton(Hutton)(Houghton?) Witnessed by John Hammer Jas cockburn Perfects title of Will. Cockburn to six parcels of land on the West side of the waters running from Skenesborough to crown Point. Original & Duplicate original Peculiar and distinct Bond woven into the paper with the letter C. theron. Apparently Cockburn's private stationary " This document on the left has 3 folds from when is was folded horizontally with a main fold down the middle- the close-up is of this one on the left side, it has 2 very faint vertical fold marks. It measures approx. 15 1/2" by 13" when opened. IT HAS LOTS OF WEAR, HEAVY CORNER & EDGE WEAR WITH SMALL CHIPS & HOLES ON EDGES & FOLDS, A TEAR.CHIP AREA AT TOP RIGHT EDGE, WHEN OPENED THE RIGHT SIDE CENTER FOLD IS COMPLETELY SPLIT, DIS-COLORATION FROM AGE IN AREAS . The second appears different, with less damage, has some corner & edge wear, a couple of tiny holes on corner folds , has dis-coloration ... read more