1796 NC-5 R7 Draped Bust, Reverse of 1794 PCGS VF20

1796 NC-5 R7- Draped Bust, Reverse of 1794. PCGS graded VF-20. Attractive glossy medium chocolate brown and steel. The surfaces are smooth, void of any trace of corrosion or verdigris. There are some light contact marks that can help identify this cent, including a moderate pinprick nick in the field before the neck. EDS, the usual die state with several strong die cracks on the obverse. Graded F15 net F12 and CC#2 in the Noyes census, his photo #20608. Del Bland says F12 and CC#2 in his census. Our grade is F12 as well. Only 10 examples are known of this extremely rare variety. The finest is impounded in the ANS Museum and it is called F15 in both census lists, and the CC#3 coin grades only G5 or G6 depending on the census list you prefer. This example looks equal to the ANS cent in a side-by-side photo comparison. Regardless, it is clearly the finest available to collectors by a significant margin. The attribution and Naftzger-Reynolds provenance are noted on the PCGS Secure label. Pop 1; none finer at PCGS for the variety. Only 2 examples graded at PCGS (PCGS # 35810) .