1798 BERTUCH PIC BOOK 02/040 Simple machines

Friedrich Justin Bertuch Bilderbuch für Kinder Picture book for children published 1790 - 1830 Johann Friedrich Justin Bertuch was born in Weimar on September 30th, 1747.
After attending the college in Weimar, he studied theology at the university in Jena,
but soon decided to switch to law-school. In 1773 Bertuch returned to Weimar and started
to work for a journal called “Teutscher Merkur”. In the beginning 90ies, he received
the princely privilege to put his plans into practise, i.e. to found his “Industrie Comptoir”.
In this Industry he was able to combine all his different undertakings and
at times employed up to 600 workers. At the same time Bertuch used this growing potential
of highly qualified workers for his publishing efforts including his famous “Picture-Book for Children”.
He died April 3rd, 1822 in Weimar.

approx. 9.4" x 7.5" / 24 cm x 19 cm

Special Features:
Original handcoloring

Descriptive Text:
German and French

Rare (one of 3000 copies produced)

light soiling

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