1798 Handwritten Letter/Nanjemoy/Maryland/Capt Hamilton

Up for auction today is an early handwritten letter that is dated February 24 th , 1798 . This two page letter mentions some rather historical events and after researching much of the contents on the internet, it made a great deal more sense.

I'm not sure who the letter is written to as I don't have the original stampless wrap that must have gone around it and it is only addressed "Dear Sir". But I can tell you that it is written by a man named "John Jones" while he is in Nanjemoy. I did find that Nanjemoy is located in Maryland and I found a small bit of history on the area;

/wiki/Nanjemoy,_Maryland and /news.htm#history

I decided to quote the entire letter to give you a good idea of its contents, as follows;

"Nanjemoy 24 Febr. 1798

Dear Sir,

Permit me to introduce to you Capt. Pliny Hamilton ( I found a Captain Pliny Hamilton on one of the genealogical web sites and it said that he was the Captain on the wharf in Baltimore during the time this letter was written ) who is on a visit with his lady to Portobacco to view the curiosities of the place, I presume. He has promised to deliver the 4 th and 5 th Vol. Rabelais

/people/511/000045376/ In return I wish you to furnish me with Mr. Hamilton's pamphlet, all my letters and newspapers and as many of yours as you may have
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