1799 $10 Capped Bust. Small obverse stars

1799 $10 Capped Bust. Small obverse stars. PCGS graded AU-55 CAC Verified. T-19. Rich yellow gold toning. Choice for the grade. This obverse die has an irregular date layout in which the distance between the bust and final 9 is closer than the distance between the curl and 1. Other 1799 varieties have the opposite layout, with the digit 1 closer.A choice About Uncirculated 55, this specimen has medium yellow gold color with an olive tint, clear detail and surfaces, plus splendid eye appeal. Virtually no abrasions are found. The obverse has thirteen stars divided 8 left and 5 right. The first two date numerals lean far to right. The second 9 much closer to bust than first. The obverse has the dentils crumbled above stars 7 and 8. Pop 20; 67 finer. (PCGS # 98562).