17th-18th C. left-hand Dagger German or Spanish RARE

This is a rare European left-hand dagger dating from around 17 th -18 th century and designed for protective function held in a hand opposite to the one holding a rapier, blocking and parrying opponent's blows wile attacking with the other hand. Very nicely made long dagger with awesome circular quillons serving as a trap for the opponent's blade. The blade is off-set towards one side of the handle, the other one had a mounted ring or a thumb rest at the center, now missing and the space was covered with silver-like metal. Both "tusks" of the guard are positioned with slight lean towards one side of the blade, made intentionally so to catch the sword's blade sliding down the blade of the dagger. Strong massive hilt with wire-wrapped grip and brass mounts, all completely solid and intact showing rich patina throughout. Overall length is 15 ¼" blade is 10 ¼" and has a thick rhombus section for armor piercing. Awesome early piece overall in great condition and of wonderful quality.