17th Hussars Deaths Head German Sword Brunswick Husaren

This auction is for a very nice Model 1889 German World War One Regimentally engraved 17th Hussars (Brunswick Hussars / Braunschweig Husaren) Cavalry Officers Sword. It has engraved panels with blued backgrounds on both sides of the blade. One panel shows the Death Head Totenkopf Skull insignia of the Seventeenth Hussars. The sword is 38 1/2" long with a 33" straight blade.The blade is in excellent condition with some small areas of rust. Both the front and rear guard fold flat. I cannot find a manufacturer's mark, logo, or name. It is marked GES. GESCH. (legally protected / trademarked). This is a very nice sword in nice condition, but not mint. There is a small crack in the guard at the lanyard/knot hole (see 5th photo). The grip is cracked near the pommel with a small piece of the grip missing (the top of one of the grooved ribs) (this is hardly noticeable, see 4th photo). There are some areas of the guard where the nickel plating has worn off. The black painted metal scabbard has some areas of rust. The scabbard does belong to this sword and is the correct length, but a small bit of the blade, about 1/8" , shows when the sword is inserted, as if a portion of the wooden lining has swelled or become lodged at the bottom of the scabbard. I will ship internationally, but make sure that your country allows you to import antique

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