1/18 Crown Victoria Police kit Customize your own unit!!!

Selling my tools and materials for making your own custom unit. This is some of the basic stuff needed for customizing your own patrol car. Additional tools are require such as a drill. Includes extra 1/18 Motormax Crown Victoria screws, wheels and other components of the diecast toys. This cars are used with scratches, dents, and missing pieces for practice or other.


- LED Lights , flashing white, flashing yellow, red/blue, soil red, green, blue and more

- Wheels

- Laptops

- Solder with lead

- Lots of 9v snap on battery clips connectors

- Mini slide switch On-Off

- Antennas

- Heat shrinkable tube shrink tubing

- Broken/wreck 1/18 Dodge Ram

- Used 1/18 Crown Vic. California Highway patrol

- Bent/broken 1/18 Ford Explorer with working LED lights!

- And more!!!!!

Custom built at your own risk!!! No instructional manuals must be creative to build at your own imagination, everything is sold AS IS , see pictures to determent condition.

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