18 Sackett Series Louis L'amour Leatherette

Sackett Series 18 Volumes Louis L'amour Leatherette
This is a lot of 18 Sackett Series books from the Louis L'amour Leatherette Collection. Faded titles which occur because the book was in the sun but more probably because someone used wax or a household cleaner and took the gold off. One copy has a slight tear on the spine and a couple have names or dates in them. Shipping is 4.00 in the US. You get Daybreakers, Galloway, Jubal Sackett, Lando Lonely on the MOuntain, The Lonely Men Mojave Crossing, Mustang Man, Ride the Dark Trail, Ride the River, Sackett, Sackett Brand, Skyliners, To the Far Blue Mountain. Treasure Mountain, Warrior's Path, Bendigo Shafter and the Sackett Companion....You do not get Sackett's Land. I do have them for sale at full price in my store.