18 tiny miniature vintage glass jars bottles in wooden box.

Found this adorable and rare set in a basement clearout. I can't find anything similar on eBay . It originally held tiny screws and nuts for fixing spectacles.
There are 24 compartments in the wooden box which measures about 6.25" by 5" and 1.25" deep and has an 'American Optical Co.' logo on the lid together with a place name which I can't read, though from looking at the company website, it's probably 'Southbridge, Mass.' There is an old typed label inside the lid detailing the contents of the jars. There are a few nuts left in a couple.
There are 18 jars in the box, two of which are missing their screw lids. The other six have been replaced with little plastic vials. The jars have a number and 'A.O.Co.' embossed on them. Some have paper labels and a couple have plastic label-maker numbers. The lids are metal, not sure what, and a little tarnished. Each jar is 31mm tall and the base is 4mm square.
The box is in a fairly poor state, plus the hinges have been replaced with plastic thread and the catch is missing.
This is such a charming set if you like miniature things or might suit a dolls' house, crafter to store tiny beads, or jewellery maker.
I will consider posting internationally, but please get in touch first so I can work out postage.
Please get in touch if you would like more information or photos.
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