1800's-1940 Mixed Cull US Coin Lot // w/ SILVER (1/2 Pound Lot) (CL619)


1/2 Pound

Description: This is a great opportunit y to fill holes in your collection that would normally cost you an arm and a leg! ALL of these coins will date prior to 1940 and will go all the way back the the early 1800's !!! I will pick at random from a large bin and weigh out 1/2 Pound. A half pound of coins will consist of around 50-75 coins depending on what goes into the bag. I GUARANTEE AT LEAST (1) EARLY 90% SILVER QUARTER PER BAG! Not a Washington Quarter, I'm talking Barber, Standing Liberty Or Seated Liberty! Some bags could contain multiple Silver Quarters or Dimes all depends on the scoop!

The large bin consists of the following type of coins.

> Half Cent's (all types)

> Large Cent's (all types)

> Indian Head Penny's

> Flying Eagle Penny's

> Two Cent Coin's

> Three Cent Coin's (nickel and 90% silver)

> Shield Nickel's

> Liberty V. Nickel's

> Buffalo Nickel's

> Seated Liberty Dime's (90% Silver)

> Half Dime's (90% Silver)

> Barber Dime's (90% Silver)

> Mercury Dime's (90% Silver)

> Barber Quarter's (90% Silver)

> Standing Liberty Quarter's (90% Silver)

> Seated Liberty Quarter's (90% Silver)

Coin Type:
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