Hello and Welcome To Our Auction! Up for bids today we are offering a wonderful and Rare Antique Rubber Doll. This very special late 1800s Dolly was made by Schavoir Rubber Company. She is made of White Rubber with no painted colors to crack or peel off. This adorable little 6 inch dolly was made in Stamford Conn. After doing research on the internet about this doll , I was able to find out why so very few of these little rubber dolls from Schavior exist. According to a few sources on the net containing history on the Schavior Rubber Company this cute little dolly was distributed to many Orphanages of the 1856 era. For some reason the children started to get sick and this poor little rubber dolly was blamed. Shavoir packaged this doll with this on the back of the packaging box, to discourage the claims of sickness " SCHAVOIR Toys are made of the finest quality white rubber and pure white pigments throughout. No painted colors to crack or peel off. Made and Machine Packed Under Sanitary Conditions. To clean , scrub carefully with soap and water, dip in boiling water to sterilize. THE SCHAVOIR RUBBER COMPANY STAMFORD CONN. Made In U.S.A." Schavior Rubber Company fought numerous lawsuits because of the illnesses this doll was believed to have caused. Schavior soon slowed down the making toys because of the great depression and started ... read more