1800's ANTIQUE Wooden Original Staved PRIMITIVE BUTTER CHURN n1

Offered antique wooden butter churn

Please remember your mother telling stories of her grandmother churning butter, and how even though it was hard work, the end result was the most delicious fresh butter she’d ever tasted!

This Butter Churn is hand made with staved wooden sides and three forged iron bands that wrap around its girth. It dates from the late mid 19th Century and it comes complete with its dasher, lid and wooden peg. Look at the photographs of this antique Butter Churn and notice what good condition it is in.


The churn without the dasher measures 21 inches high. With the dasher- 29". Top measures 6 1/2 inches, bottom 8 inches diameter.

I wish you

We love the warm colour of the wooden staves and the smooth, clean interior. Notice the beautiful colors of the churn and how it changes from the outside to the inside. Imagine how many pounds of butter this antique has made in its lifetime. In fact, it’s so clean inside you could actually use it to churn butter today. Of course, if you’re on a low fat diet, maybe you don’t want to think about that! But this beautiful piece could be used for many other purposes. In addition to adding it to your collection of antiques, you might want to use this hand made churn as a planter near a sunny window. Or as an umbrella stand
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