This listing is for a simple little Pennsylvania wooden coffee grinder from the late 1800's. I believe it is made of poplar, with a dovetailed case and drawer, and a cast iron handle carrying a rather ornate script 'signature' for the Wrightsville Hardware Company.

Looking at the grinder, I thought the handle was simply ornamental, but someone kindly pointed out to me that the scrolls are actually a WHC --- the monogram used by the York County Company. This is visible in the 2nd photo.

The Wrightsville Hardware Company was founded in 1880 and operated through the 1960's when it was bought out by John Wright. At that time John Wright manufactured the double wheel grinders, now 'vintage and fine quality - but often sold mistakenly as antiques. The Company today produces many cast iron reproductions that make their way into shops and eBay.

Anyway, this little guy, while note fancy, comes from the original company. In terms of condition, it is decorative and functional (works fine! and came with a few beans remaining). It has a little pitting that's visible on the tin top, and a mended age crack in the base, but the wood and iron are both in great condition, and with a little wax it would be a great addition to a country kitchen.

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