1800's Daguerreotype Photo Fur Trapper Flintlock Hatchet Tin Type Case

This auction is for an original antique Tin Type / Daguerreotyp picture. I know very little about this item except it was found with some old family items dating back to the 1820's-1890's. I am guessing this is from the mid to later 1800's just because of when tin typing was invented. The picture looks to be of a fur trapper. He is wearing a fur hat and holding antlers in one hand and his rifle in the other. He also has a hatchet on his belt. The case appears to be in good working order with worn edges. Both the hooks work. The case is a bit over 3" X 3.5". the picture is faint. I tried to get the best photo's i could. Please email with any questions or comments. This item is original! i have over 1300 positive feedbacks so . shipping includes insurance and delivery confirmation.