1800s Karpen Bros. Settee and Chair Set

Please read the end of description! is an original Karpen Bros.,(Houdini?) settee and chair made in the Victorian 1800-1900s era. I will do my best to describe this. It is hand carved from mahogany wood and has been reupholstered in mauve velvet. When it was reupholstered the original Karpen Bros. tags were removed and never put back on. Why? I don't know. I don't know w they went to.It originally was a deep red leather that had become torn. The arms are Goddesses w/victor helmets on their heads. The eyes of the Goddesses had red stones in the eyes but were taken out in later years. The settee measures 57" long x 36" high, the chair measures 36" wide x 20" high, both are 22" deep from front to back. The pair has never been set on since it was reupholstered. Used for decorative purposes only. This is the story on this set. My girlfriend, whom I am selling this for, now owns the set. Her mother, (who is still living), and father were in show business back in the 1900s. They had met Houdini and had their picture taken with him when he was sitting in this chair. He had the set commissioned and the Goddesses are supposed to be replicas of his mother. They fell in love with the set. In 1946 her parents saw the set was on the auction block at Cameron's Auction House on Ohio St. in Chicago, Ill. and they bid on them, winning the bid.

***I just had a woman verify that it is indeed a Karpen. She has an old catalog that has the furniture in it and listed as Karpen. Thank you.

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