1800s Live Steam Case 1/6 Scale Tractor 1 of 3 Known

we have an extremely rare (one of three known circa 1890s) 1/6 scale CASE live steam tractor in incredibly nice condition and fully functional—although it has not been run by us or by the previous owner. According to the seller we bought it from the CASE model came from Burton Burton, who owned Casablanca fans and Baranger Studios on Mission Avenue in South Pasadena Ca., and lived on an island near Seattle. Height is 20 ¾ “, Length is 41” and Width at the rear outside wheels is 15 ¼”, and it is very heavy (it takes at least two people to move it). Model is painstakingly detailed. For example, every nut, bolt and rivet is identical to the real tractor. It appears to be a 1/6 scale model. If anyone knows about this Tractor please email us and let us know .

*Thanks to a lot of ebay members with information on this Case Tractor, the owner has decided to reduce the price and sell it. It appears that t are more than three known (not sure how many) but the cost to build one is still very high. So we will price it well below what it would cost to build one and move on to other toys we would display in our toy museum. We will look at all offers.

It is very possible that this is a salesman’s sample. We have done extensive research on it but cannot anyone to corroborate the fact that it was a salesman’s sample. We were also
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