1800's Peoria Stoves Cast Iron Cook Wood Stove NR

PLEASE NOTE: This 2 piece stove weighs several hundred ( base alone 200 lbs. or better?) Local Pickup Only. Item zip code is 54981, Wisconsin. No shipping is, or will be available, sorry!

I hate to let this Beauty Go...........This is a fabulous example of a circa late 1800's Cast Iron Cook Woodstove. YES, it was restored in 1979 or 1980, but we'll get back to that, promise.

The stove is a "SUNSHINE LEXINGTON 396 18" made by Peoria Stoves (of Illinois, if I am not mistaken?) But the round thermometer dial in the center of the oven reads,"Cutler & Proctor Stove Co.." I think that may be the dial manufacturing company? Any added or correct info is always welcome and appreciated :)

Also please note: Not all photos show the coffee pot trivet located centrally on the top right hand side that swings out and also removes completely away from the stove. It is included, but not all photos show it. It is not of a solid decor, but has a "pierced" design, very pretty.

While looking at photos~ What are white speckles? I'm not sure, I'm guessing paint or drywall (this is in the basement of my son's house 1500 miles away from me, and he's begun remodeling of the basement) and photo of the central long warming oven on the top section, the light band you see across the top of that roll-up drawer is dust...

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