1800's Photo DOWNER's HOTEL Wagon Coach Horse People +

This auction is for a great picture - sepia tone - of DOWNER'S HOTEL, location unknown. The picture is clear without rips, tears, creases - near mint condition. It was found behind a framed print that was bought in Pomfret, Vermont, but probably originally from the New York area. This picture depicts a late 19th century hotel in - mostly likely - a rural town. T is an upstairs balcony w two women look out - one may be the owner's wife and the other is definitely a maid. On the porch below, it appears to be the owner in front of the steps in a suit and top hat and on the steps is a man in a white apron (perhaps an employee - cook?) ----- OR perhaps the well-dressed man is a guest and the man in the apron is the owner. The others on the porch are dressed as though they were guests. On the right is a wagon drawn by two horses (dark, white), on the left is a two-seater with one horse and in the left front, the covered wagon appears to be a coach of some type. The driver stands in the coach front. T is some stenciling on the bottom of the coach wagon. It is drawn by two horses (dark, white) and t is a white dog lying in front. The name of the Hotel is definitely DOWNER's, and probably is not the name of the town: DOWNERS. Everything is clear in the photo except for anything that may have moved during the taking of the picture: i.e., dog, ... read more