1800s A Warning Voice To The Cotton & Tobacco Farmers Slavery H.C. Carey Lea

A Warning Voice To The Cotton & Tobacco Planters and Merchants of the United States.
By A Pennsylvania.
H.C. Carey & L. Lea as well as Whitemarsh B Seabrook, C.S. Van Winkle and more.
Antique book-dated 1824, 1820, 1812, 1811.
Has different political subjects with different dates-1824 in the front,
then in the back is a section with 1825, 1820, 1812 another section is 1811 hand written and more.
Back cover is completely loose, front cover is hanging on by a thread.
All the pages have foxing, browning, a few pages have hand written notes.
A small amount of the pages have tears. One page scribbling-doodling.
Mostly all are readable.