1804 Embroidery Sampler Print Phoebe Brown's Art Antique The Threads Of History

Hello,Here is a great collectible item for all of the antique / vintage Sampler,vintage linen lovers!!This framed print is of the Sampler made by a 16 yearold gal named Phoebe Brown while she was a member of the Venthams,Boarding School Winton,it was originally finished on April 6th 1804.This is a nice size of 13" long x 10" wide,frame size.I cannot tell what type of paper it is made on,the back is sealed.I can see through my loupe,that it is made up of very,very small dots,very closely set.The frame is made of wood,in a deep rich brown finish with aged gold accents.The glass looks to have a glare reduction look to it.Looking at this beauty through the glass,it looks almost like it could be a fabric Sampler.It is so amazing.Clean with no odor.Please email with any questions.Thanks so much for stopping by.Liza j