1806 Daniel Boone Greenup Kentucky Signed Document RARE

You are bidding on a SCARCE 1806 Signed Document of John Hockaday who was the 2nd Settler to Greenup County Kentucky to Daniel Boone who was the 1st Settler of Greenup County, Kentucky. At the time the area was called Greenupsburg. John Hockaday was first clerk of the county. Reverend James Gilruth wrote concerning him saying, "Next above Daniel Boone settled John Hockaday. He came to Greenup County a single man, not far from 1804 to 1805. He was said to posses $3,000 in cash. He kept school for one term in an old cabin between Thomas Hoods and Jesse Boone's (Son of Pioneer Longhunter Daniel Boone). Hockaday obtained the Clerkship of the Court of Greenup County, kept his office in his own house a few miles above Greenupsburg. He was considered a "good shot" with a rifle and enjoyed a gentleman the chase and fishing rod, but he did not let them interfere with his buisness. He was a SLAVE OWNER and was never known to use his tongue or talents to the injury of others.

He purchased his property from Jesse Bryan Boone (Son of Daniel Boone) lying on the Ohio River above Greenupsburg at present Riverton, the terminal of the Eastern Kentucky Railroad. John Hockaday purchased his property from Jesse Bryan Boone just before he left for Missouri to be with his father Daniel Boone. The first court was organized in 1806 and was carried
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