1806 Estate Petition of Nathan Legare, Oakvale Plantation, 37 Slaves, 720 Acres

Has an intact seal by the Register in Equity signature; James Bryan. Per this 1806 document Nathan and Mary Legare lived in Christ Church Parish (Mt. Pleasant area north of Charleston, SC) at the time of his death. The below reference under his name indicated he was a slave owner; 37 slaves in 1790. A reasonable assumption is that he had a plantation; however, I can find none that can be specifically attributed to Nathan Legare. However, the reference info below on Nathan Legare strongly suggests a plantation as he has 37 slaves in 1790 and in this 1806 petition it lists 720 acres of land. The document is a petition to divide the estate as one of the daughters entitled to a share of the estate of Nathan Legare has married the petitioner; Carlton Walker. The document for some reason leaves out the year of death for Nathan Legare.

It would be reasonable to assume that he died prior to 1805 or 1806 as h is widow, Mary Legare remarried in 1805 or 1806; to Kinsey Burden . They bought the plantation known as Oakvale Plantation on Johns Island, SC. Burden Creek on Johns Island is still named as such; flows into the Stono River. For information the family name of Legare is still quite common on Johns Island today with Legare Farms as well as a Legare Street in Charleston and many persons with the Legare name today in the Charleston,
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