1807 BURLINGTON Vt Letter Politcal Content JEWETT Embar

1807 Burlington, Vermont Letter "Business has been tolerable good this winter at this place;
but what affect The French Tyrants edicts
may have it is impossible to divine.
I am inclined to think it will affect the common
Neutral Nations more than that of England"

Burlington Vermont February 17, 1807.
from Moses Jewett, to his Brother David Jewett of Jaffrey , NH
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confirming his identity)

One page legal size letter on Hand made rag paper with political content with regards to the Embargo Act.

Moses mentions 'not much business of consequence,' he has returned from Boston, agreed with Aaron Appleton of Dublin to furnish 200 yds of tow cloth, sent it to David Pages store in Jaffrey with directions to have it sent immediatly to Middlebury, "I am anxious to get the cloth by Sleighing..." He then turns to business related to politics. (quoted above). Signed Moses Jewett.

Not until 1791, after many delays and misunderstandings and, most important, after the dispute with New York was finally adjusted (1790) by payment of $30,000, did Vermont enter the Union.

In the early years of our new country, t was quite a flourishing trade with Ca nada. A few years after this letter was written, Thomas Jefferson's Embargo Act
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