1808 East India Company 10 CASH Shipwreck COIN Gardner

1808 - 10 CASH
ADMIRAL GARDER SHIPWRECK COIN! Lovely about uncirculated copper coin recovered from the Admiral Gardner shipwreck Strong remaining features and minimal marks marks Wonderful bright copper coin with even color and an attractive hint of red that adds beauty Beautiful shipwreck coin is housed in an attractive holder with certificate of authenticity!

The scanned images depict this coin fairly well, but can't due justice to the marvelous bright copper color and overall appearance of this 10 CASH coin from THE EAST INDIA COMPANY, minted at the Soho Mint in Birmingham, England and intended for use in India. It was recovered from the ocean floor in 1985.

The Admiral Gardner went down in a violent storm on January 25, 1809 off the coast of England. The ship was bound for India loaded with a cargo of anchors, cannonballs, copper ingots, iron bars, and a shipment of new copper coins minted by the East India Company. The ship was anchored offshore to ride out the storm, but was blown onto the deadly "Goodwin Sands" sandbar.

This particular example is superior for the issue and its preservation has not diminished the coin's remarkable eye appeal. Beautiful copper color with a hint of red and very minimal marks. The obverse bears the Coat of Arms awarded to the
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