1809. Ravenna Ohio founder, BenjaminTappan, signed lottery for a new road

This item is a wonderful, original document dated 1809, Ravenna, Ohio, where several prominent men have signed a lottery to see what lots they get to take timber from, on the constrcution of a new state road through the town of Ravenna....signed by Benjamin Tappan, Robert Eaton, Henry Sapp, William Price, John Campbell, William Chard, Jacob Ettinger, Harvey Hills and Conrad Bosenger ( Boosenger).Document is 8x11, in overall very good condition.

Benjamin Tappan (May 25, 1773 - April 20, 1857) was an Ohio judge and Democratic politician who served in the Ohio State Senate and the United States Senate. He was an early settler of the Connecticut Western Reserve in northeastern Ohio and was one of the first settlers in Portage County and the founder of the city of Ravenna,Ohio.

Robert Eaton, used his home as the county's first court house.

Conrad BOOSINGER, and family, moved into the township and settled on the Mahoning about a mile and a half southeast of Ravenna.

HENRY SAPP (deceased) was born August 2, 1768, in the State of Maryland, and married Miss Matilda Boosinger, of Oldtown, Va., October 7, 1798. He came to Ravenna Township, this county, in 1802, and, after making preparations for a home, returned and brought his family out in 1803. The property of 100 acres which he settled near Ravenna Village.


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