1810, Rev War General Wade Hampton, orders signed

This item is a wonderful,original document, dated Headquarters 1810, w Gen Wade Hampton has issued an order for paymaster Lt.Pemberton to proceed to New Orleans to pay the troops....W. Hampton. 8x10,retained copy for Lt.Pemberton,fine shape

HAMPTON, Wade, soldier, born in South Carolina in 1754; died in Columbia, South Carolina, 4 February, 1835. He served with distinction in the Revolution under Marion and Sumter, and after the war was in congress in 1795-'7. He was a presidential elector in 1801, and in 1803-'5 served again in congress, having been elected as a Democrat. He was made a colonel in the United States army in 1808, placed in command of one of the regiments that had been raised in apprehension of war with England, and in February, 1809, was promoted to brigadier-general, and stationed at New Orleans. In consequence of continual disagreements with his subordinates he was superseded by General James Wilkinson in 1812, and during the war with England commanded a force on the northern frontier, having been given a major-general's commission on 2 March, 1813.

On 26 October, 1813, at Chateaugay, he attacked Sir George Prevost, who repelled him with an inferior force. He afterward frustrated the attempt on Montreal by his unwillingness to co-operate with his old rival, General Wilkinson. He resigned his commission

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