1811 Large Cent - VG Detail - RARE - Neat & Affordable!

Here is a neat, scarce date 1811 US Classic Head Large Cent.

The coin obverse shows lots of strong detail. It is all very strong except for the right stars. The coin reverse shows almost all detail very strongly. It can be best seen by tilting the coin slightly. Hard to show in a scan.

The coin has a plugged hole at the top of the obverse.

The color is a nice medium brown. There are a few surfaces issues as seen in the scans. The coin has a decent overall look. 1811 is a rare date in problem free VG. trends well into 3 figures. Check your price guides. This coin should end up as a respectable coin in your collection at a great price.

Neat rare date coin at a great price.

Thanks for looking. Free shipping.

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