1813 O.102 R4 Bust half, PCGS XF45, really a solid AU, Tough DavidKahnRareCoins

1813 O.102 R4 Capped Bust half dollar, PCGS XF45. Grading a 13-102 presents a real challenge to those who do not specialize in this series. Based on our extensive experience, we can easily call this one AU53, while we fully recognize that some would settle on 50, and others would settle on 55. The coin is gem for whatever grade you settle on, and is as crusty, choice and original as one might ever hope to find. The reverse, which was struck by a new, fresh die, is fully rendered, crisp and stunning. The obverse looks like an XF thanks to it being produced by a worn out, ready-for-the-scrap-heap die. But, it came off the press looking XF! Soft luster is evident everywhere, much more than any ordinary XF45 should have. This is a wonderfully choice coin, and will be a centerpiece in most Overton variety collections.

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