1814 War of 1812 newspaper FRENCH MILLS Lacolle CANADA

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SEE PHOTO----- COMPLETE ORIGINAL War of 1812 NEWSPAPER, the Columbian Centinel (Boston, MA) dated Feb 23, 1814.

Inside page heading and account of the troop movements in and around FRENCH MILLS, Canada. These led shortly to the BATTLE of LACOLLE in Canada .

The Second Battle of Lacolle Mills was fought on 30 March 1814 during the War of 1812 . The small garrison of a British outpost position, aided by reinforcements, fought off a strong but badly-executed American attack.


After the St. Lawrence campaign had ended late the previous year with the British victory at the Battle of Crysler's Farm , the defeated American Army under Major General James Wilkinson went into winter quarters at French Mills, New York , only just inside the United States. The British commanders feared that the Americans could threaten the British line of communication along the St. Lawrence River from this position, but Wilkinson made no attempt to do so. His army arrived at French Mills with few supplies, and because of poor roads, lack of transport and draught animals and inefficiency of the Quartermaster General's Department,
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