1817: Travels in France, Five Beautiful Volumes with 36 Plates, Leather, Gilding

1817: Travels in France, Five Beautiful Volumes with 36 Plates, Leather, Gilding

These five matched volumes, beautifully leather bound with gilded tooling and gilded spines, are going to show beautifully on your bookshelf. And beyond their desirability as painstakingly crafted, antique objects, two centuries old, they contain a wealth within! In this carefully curated anthology, the extensive list of authors writing (in French) about their travel experiences, in both prose and verse, include Racine, Regnard, La Fontaine, Voltaire, and Anthony Hamilton, as well as many others. Most of the narratives describe places in France, but there are some more exotic destinations as well.

And to make the set even more appealing, it's illustrated. There are a total of thirty-six delightful plates illustrating various people and places, interspersed among the various texts. I've included a few photos to give you an idea.

These are small, pocket-sized volumes, running on average about 250 pages each Publication dates on the title pages are 1817 and 1818. The leather bindings are a pleasure to contemplate and give off a feeling of luxury even after 200 years. The pages are perfectly legible; there are colored endpapers and bound-in linen bookmarks. The text pages show a little humidity staining here and there; there is somewhat

Several booksellers on the internet are proposing sets of these books in this 1817-18 edition ; prices seem to go in the $200-400 range. I am starting my set out much lower, and we'll let the market decide! They are as well a below-market good deal at the Buy It Now price. Buyer will be responsible for shipping charges ($6 within to the U.S. )

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