1823 Capped Bust Half Dollar. Ugly 3

1823 Capped Bust Half Dollar. Ugly 3. NGC graded MS-65. In NGC holder 565830-016. Lovely light golden toning on both sides. Both sides are remarkably lustrous with full-moon whiteness and a spray of natural color as described. From the gem-quality luster, we next take stock of the details of the design. Given the proper amount of strike pressure, the central devices on this handsome coin were fully brought up by the dies. Liberty's curls and drapery, the cap and the clasp show all that needs to show and then some. As an allegorical likeness, it is brutally exact. Collectors will stand forever mesmerized by this coin's splendor. The eagle, portions of which tend to rise opposite high points on the reverse and are weak on many issues, is here the very picture of sublime detail. The neck and wing feathers, the wearer of the eagle's plumage, show off their detail to grand effect. The shield has all its horizontal lines present and clear vertical stripes, as well. In summation, an incredibly beautiful eye-popping specimen of this variety. The finest known: Pop 1; none finer at either service. This is the later use of die obverse 8 (per Overton's numbering). It is the same as Overton-110 except that as a result of the die crack from the edge to the right side of the 3, the figure 3 has become rough and ill shaped, the stand devoid of curves, ... read more