1825 published print of First Burma War, EIC troops landing Rangoon 1824

Drawn by J. Moore, who was a Lieutenant with the East India Company's troops, this shows the combined troops from Bengal and Madras landing from ships commanded by Captain Marryat. It measures 33x43 cm overall, 25x38 cm image area.
This is just one of a series of 24 prints that were originally published in an album. I have 12, of which this is the first that I am offering.
Sadly, they have been practically destroyed by being hung in too much light in a damp atmosphere, and they have also been very badly treated by framers, as you will see.
So, first of all, they are all very dark, as the paper has browned through contact with an acidic backboard, which still remains firmly attached (glued down at many different points). The green over mount (which I am including but which is of poor quality and should be replaced as quickly as possible) manages to cover up the worst of the damage.
This particular print has had the picture area partially cut around, but still remains firmly attached to the backboard. Several of the pigments used have faded, most notably the red of the soldiers' uniforms and the stripes on the EIC flags. But the image is still full of detail which could be of considerable interest.
In good shape, dealers sell these prints for between 200 and 300 pounds each, so here's a chance to grab
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