1826 Bunker Hill Obelisk GREECE OFFERS THRONE Munro 3E3

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National Gazette


April 29, 1826
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BUNKER HILL ASSOCIATION, OBELISK MONUMENT, BOSTON- Bunker Hill Association decided the monument would be an obelisk, built of Quincy Granite, 220 feet high and 30 feet in diameter. A hollow cone was to rise from the centre, around which a flight of stairs would ascend to the summit. More description of monument. - 2 column inches [front page]

LORD WELLINGTON'S MISSION TO RUSSIA, GREEKS AND OTTOMANS- the great powers unanimous in their purpose, France, Austria, Prussia and Great Britain gave the Duke of Wellington what might be termed credentials. Noted purpose of the great powers included- the protection of the Greeks against the Ottomans, and the protection of the [Ottomans] against an attack of Russia. The five most powerful states of Christendom were to united in a common and peremptory declaration to the Grand Seignor that Greece would no longer be occupied or invaded by his armies and that he must give up all pretensions of sovereignty of that people and cease, in an manner, to molest them. The Greeks, aware of the negotiations, offered
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