1827 Antique Original H/C CUVIER Print~ ARGUS PHEASANT

Original Hand Colored Engraving
Cuvier's The Animal Kingdom
~ 1827 ~

Original antique hand colored engraving from Baron Georges Cuvier's (1769-1832) The Animal Kingdom , 1827. Cuvier was born in Montbeliard, France. Fascinated from an early age with all things living, Cuvier pursued his passion throughout his life and became one of the leading naturalists of the era. He was elected as member in The Academy of Sciences of the Institut de France and was a professor at the College de France. In 1796, he wrote a landmark paper that proved that there were animals that had become extinct.

Le Regne Animal which translates to The Animal Kingdom was first published in 1817. The print being offered is from the 1827 first English edition.

Condition: Any minor imperfections can be seen in the picture.
Paper: Medium weight paper that is blank on the back.
Text: A copy of the title page will be included.
Size: 5 3/8" x 8 5/8 ".

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