The works of Aristotle : the famous philosopher. In four parts. Containing I. His Complete Master-Piece ; displaying the secrets of Nature in the Generation of Man. To which is added, The Family Physician ; being approved remedies for the several distempers incident to the human body. II. His Experienced Midwife ; absolutely necessary for Surgeons, Midwives, Nurses, and Child-Bearing Women. III. His Book of Problems, containing various Questions and Answers, relative to the state of Man's body. IV. His Last Legacy ; unfolding the Secrets of Nature respecting the Generation of Man. A New Edition, with Engravings.

Salmon, William. New England: printed for the Publishers, 1828.

"This is a rare edition of a work which is part sex manual, part folk medicine and is, at least in parts if not the whole, attributable to William Salmon. The catalogue of the joint exhibition of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and the Library Company of Philadelphia Women 1500-1900 (1974) notes that 'No sex manual for women has had a longer life in print than this medieval handbook, frequently updated. For years it was the only available text which spoke frankly of the act and process of generation. It used to be sold under the counter.'"

A serious explication of anatomy, gynecology, reproduction, and obstetrics. Originally published

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