1830 Antique SAMPLER by Ann Braid mourning/building OLD

This auction is for this good condition 1830 antique sampler, edge damage as you can see but has been professionally stabilized so is very safe now. Great piece, was made by, and signed, Ann Braid on March 30 1830. Colors are pretty close in photos but was overcast evening so not quite so dark and photos would never do this justice.

This reads in entirety: "On the Grave, Sigh not ye winds as passing o'er, The chambers of the dead ye fly, Weep not for these for these no more, Shall ever weep shall ever sigh. W (looks like a letter was left out) by mourn the throbing (spelled that way) heart at rest, How still it lies within the breast, Why mourn since death gives us cease. And in the Grave our sorrows cease. The shattered bark from adverse winds, Reft in the peaceful haven finds, And when the storm of life is past, Hope drops her Anchor at last. Prepare my soul to meet the day, When I must leave this house of clay (? little hole over what may be a c), Leave all my dearest friend's behind, And bid adieu to all mankind."

Then on left side reads "William Braid, William Braid, Eliza O Braid, Janet Braid, W W Christier, Ann C Christie, J. Campbell, Mrs Campbell, A Campbell, A Campbell, R Campbell" then the signature of Ann Braid March 30 1830, then on right side reads "Ann Campbell, Isabella Braid, I.C., R.L., A.J., W.C., A.C.

Has been professionally framed see close ups, restoration quality framed probably 10 years ago at one of Seattles best restoration frame shop, has their stamp on backing paper).

The sampler itself measures approximately 14 inches wide by 18 inches tall, a little more for total with frame. Frame is a contemporary medium wood tone frame.

Shipping will be $20.00 for USPS priority mail, insurance extra. Packed for protection, relatively quick shipping (priority mail sent 1-5 days after payment).

Thank you.

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