Very Rare 1831 Kappa Alpha Phi Fraternity gold key! Wow

Offered exclusively by The Leader In Quality! is this antique fraternity watch key fob for Kappa Alpha Phi ! This fraternity was founded in 1827 at the Western New England Surgeons College. (The location was actually in New York State.) This appears to have been a fraternity associated with the medical practices and doctors, which were in infancy at this time in history. This beautiful hand engraved piece has much information and symbols on both sides. It is about as artistic as can be fund from the early 1800's. The front has the capital letters of ADESM around the top with the greek letters Kappa Alpha Phi centered. Below that is a very detailed banner with the date of Nov 3rd 1827 .
On the other side, in the top banner, is the name of the original owner (abbrev. first name), Frederick Crownse Jr. MD. Below that awesome banner is an upstretched hand, similar to that seen on the early Phi Beta Kappa keys. Below that is another letter code of CMO . You can see the detailed engraved wreath there also.
It tests 10k gold. It measures 1 5/8" tall and the center disk is 1" in diameter. The bale ring at the top spins. I believe the bottom keywind portion was added at a later date. I believe this was originally a fob medal that was modified to wind pocket watches. Notice that the keywind portion is not gold. I have research information
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