1837 REICHERT - DEER Stag large FOLIO handcol. Lithograph

1837 REICHERT - DEER Stag large FOLIO handcol. Lithograph


Heinrich Reichert



Published by Mayer, Vienna, 1837

Folio approx. 37 cm x 25 cm


Hand coloured

Very Rare

ITEM CONDITION: Please view images carefully. GOOD.

Heinrich Reichert (1801-1893) was a painter, lithographer and photographer, father of the painter and graphic artist Karl Reichert. From 1814 he was working on the Academy of Fine Arts, where he was until 1817. In 1819 he was a student of J.B.v. Lampi d. A. and devoted himself mainly to historical painting. In the following years study tours have taken him to Switzerland and Paris, where he has also worked as a lithographer. From 1834 on Reichert lived in Vienna, 1839 he moved to Graz and worked here as a lithographer for the Institute Lampi. In addition to these activities in Graz, he also had a photo studio. From 1869 Reichert was established in Vienna. During this last period, he dedicated himself primarily to painting, especially to animal painting.


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